Dark Arts Jelly Bomb

Bring out your dark side and feel that wizard fantasy!Dark Arts

Dark Arts brings two new things to the table 1) it’s a jelly bomb and 2) it’s black. The only other black/grey bath bomb is Metamorphosis which is a LUSH Kitchen exclusive and available in specific stores. I have seen that Dark Arts is based on Harry Potter, but I’m not sure of the reference. So if anyone does know leave a comment below :).

The scent of this jelly bomb is slightly more mystifying than any of the other usual products that LUSH make. It’s quite a grown up, dumbed down version of spiced oranges. Although the orange is not so prominent in the overall scent. The spiciness from the cinnamon shines through on this one with orangey undertones. Dark Arts contains warming and comforting Cinnamon Leaf Oil which helps to the stimulate body. Cinnamon is effective in helping sore muscles and relieves any aches or pains in the body. It’s also great if you’re feeling overwhelmed or exhausted because it combats tiredness. Brazilian Orange Oil also helps to rejuvenate body and mind. There’s also a touch of Almond Oil in here too which adds a little sweetness to overall the scent and is great for conditioning the skin.

In the water Dark Arts is just wow! You get the black fizzing away from the jelly bomb, then the jelly starts to melt away causing a tar like, volcanic bubbling effect and then a pink surprise from the centre of the jelly bomb. AND! There’s plastic free lustre which adds a mesmerising portal-like effect. You can head over to my Instagram page to see some demos!


So like the other jelly bombs there’s a new ingredient on the block! Sodium Alginate. This is the seaweed based gel which creates the jelly. Compared to The Big Sleep I found Dark Arts‘ jelly a lot more gooey and it took a long time for the jelly to melt into the water. If you are a newbie to these products and feel a little unsure of the jelly then I wouldn’t recommend this as your first. It might be a little overwhelming for a first jelly bomb. Personally I thought it was fab! The jelly is so soft and once it has melted in the water it feels great on the skin.

I did find this one a little messier than The Big Sleep Jelly Bomb and my bath had black stains around the edges for a day or two after using Dark Arts. But that won’t stop me from buying it again.

9 out of 10. It only loses a mark because of the mess it leaves behind but it’s still a fantastic product.


The Big Sleep Jelly Bomb

The Big Sleep Jelly Bomb

I’m totally ready for this jelly! As you all might know the new product launch for LUSH was a couple of weeks ago now and they brought some exciting things to the table. Jelly bombs! So these are like the regular bath bombs you see in store but with pieces of jelly tucked neatly underneath the the different coloured round shapes around the outside. A bit like a Dalek from Doctor Who. I’ll be checking these bombs out gradually over the next few weeks and reviewing them for you Lushies.daleks1

First up, The Big Sleep.  Zzzzzzzzzzzz



This was the first one I purchased because the scent just drew me in! In my opinion its the strongest smelling of the three and probably the simplest of them too. So there’s Chamomile Powder, Lavender Oil and Tonka Absolute swirling around in there which gives off a beautiful, dreamy, sweet scent. I would say it’s a mash up of Twilight and Think Pink in the sense that it has an overall floral fragrance but there’s a vanillary, sweetness floating in the background. The Big Sleep quickly became one of my favourites once I saw it in the water because the scent just poured out of it even more. I never once felt that it left me or the bathroom once it was in.

The Big Sleep is really great for a relaxing bath because the Lavender and Chamomile help to calm both your mind and skin. Chamomile Powder is also used as an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic for the skin.  On top of all that comes the Tonka which is rather comforting and helps reduce inflammation.

Sodium Alginate is the new addition the regular bath bomb which is the jelly part. It’s seaweed based and feels amazing in water! When I watched the initial video on the LUSH Kitchen Facebook page I was a little unsure of the product. I thought it was going to be sludgy, slimy and really messy, but it’s quite the opposite! The jelly leaves a silky and soft layer on top of the water and feels extremely velvety on the skin. This did not leave too much mess in the bath either which was a relief.

TBS in action

Out of 10 this would definitely gain a 10 because it’s perfect in every way. Without sounding cringey it’s jellylicious.

Check out my Instagram for demos!! 🙂

Never Mind The Ballistics Bath Bomb

The Christmas season is nearly upon us with December fast approaching! Everyone’s out scrambling for presents and decorations and us Lushies are grabbing all the seasonal LUSH products we can! It’s not Christmas if you don’t have any Snow Fairy, am I right? Or Lord Of Misrule in my case.

NMTB bomb.jpg

So one of the first bath bombs I’ve tried this year is Never Mind The Ballistics. It has the same look as both Roller Bath Bomb and Over and Over Bath Bomb; the typical bath bomb we know and love has a little twist going on with these. The top of the ball shaped bomb is covered in a bath melt layer. A little like drizzling melted chocolate over the top of a biscuit like Jaffa Cakes! Never Mind The Ballistics has a vibrant pink smothering on top of a bright yellow bomb. The scent is also reminiscent to a Jaffa cake, with it’s sickly sweet, orangey tang with an added extra of peach. 

It floats like a peachy Goddess in the water. Once in the water it’s beautiful to watch. First you get yellow coloured bubbles and the pink starts to melt very slowly to add the gorgeous oils to the water. Then it all kicks off when a vivid pink colour starts oozing its way out of the middle. Absolutely stunning!

NMTB in action.jpg

Although it’s not all about the appearance. Personally when I used this the scent didn’t remain for a long time while I was in the bath, but there was a slight peachy fragrance that remained on my skin when I dried off.  

The water itself felt soft and a little on the oily side, but not too oily. It contains fresh bananas and organic cocoa butter to soften your skin. My skin did feel a little oily after using it

I wouldn’t say this was my favourite Christmas product this year, but it is a nice one to try. After the hype around Roller I thought this would have been up there with that, but it falls a little short of that. It lacks the creaminess and powerful scent that Roller has. 

I would have to give this a rating of 6/10. It’s definitely one to pick up and try but I won’t be stocking up on this.

Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar (Halloween Exclusive)

Shimmer shimmer in the bath, this little pumpkin will send you on a golden autumnal path. The lustre glistens in the light and the warming scent is just a delight! Bubbles foam up giving your water something more, this bar you will love for sure.


Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar is hands down my favourite out of the Halloween range this year. Having now used all of the available products; Sparkly Pumpkin was definitely the all round best! It has a great design, looks awesome in the bath, feels amazing on the skin AND also smells AH-MA-ZING!!

The amount of Gold Glimmer Lustre on this pumpkin is frightening, but fab at the same time! It was one of the first items I picked up in the store and I was covered in glitter for the remainder of the day. I love the addition of lustre into bath bombs, bubble bars and shower gels because it gives your skin a lovely shimmer,  which makes the skin look fab. It also has some pieces of Cinnamon Stick on top to create the pumpkin stump.


Sparkly Pumpkin’s scent is very warming and fresh; just like Autumn. The Juniper Berry Oil gives it that fresh and sweet fragrance, which takes away the Lime and Grapefruit Oil becoming the predominant fragrance. They both add a small amount of zesty-ness to the overall fragrance, but they don’t overpower the sweetness. Juniper Berry stimulates the mind with its’ refreshingly gorgeous scent.

As I previously mentioned the bubble bar makes your skin feel amazing. Once you have jumped into the water you can feel the oils at work. Juniper Berry Oil balances the skin, while the Grapefruit and Lime Oils brighten, cleanse and tone. 

The only issue I had with this is that I wanted more! The bubble bar is a little on the small side. 

Big, big favourite of mine 10/10.

Happy Halloween everyone! (Sorry it’s late)

Nightwing Shower Jelly (Halloween Exclusive)


Halloween scents are usually thought of as warming, spice, vanilla or pumpkin, but there’s a jelly that’s breaking all the rules. Nightwing Shower Jelly to be exact! You may know already that this zesty creature is back in the kitchen this week – it’s available as part of a gift set.

The name and shape of the jelly were based on a superhero comic that everyone is familiar with – Batman. Nightwing is the name of a character called Dick Grayson, who became Nightwing when he gave up the role of Robin. 

This bat shaped jelly is dark purple in colour and can be a little messy in the bath or shower. Although I think the colour adds to that gruesome element that Halloween is known for. You will be covered in a luscious purple foam of Nightwing goodness. I’ve read some other posts that suggest that it’s frightening to use in the shower, but I’ve never had an issue. Having used two now, I know the wings could be quite delicate and would rip after a while, but it doesn’t have a massive impact while using the product. Some people chop up their jellies anyway so there’s not a really big difference between the two.

Nightwing jelly.jpg

Let’s move onto the scent now. One word – LIME!!! It is extremely Lime-y. The fresh Lime juice and Lime oil definitely pack a zesty punch. There is no other scent to this; no creamy vanilla, or spicey cinnamon, no earthy patchouli, just a nice and simple citrus and uplifting scent. Nightwing also contains Aloe Vera Gel, which soothes your skin. Carrageenan Extract is fundamental to all of LUSH’s jellies. It’s used to mould the jelly shape and it’s moisturising for the skin. This jelly may not be as moisturising for your skin as others, but it does offer softer skin after using it.

The only thing that may cause an issue is the jelly is quite watery in comparison to others. Again, I have read that this is what people have found. However, I keep mine in the freezer so I’ve not had this problem.

I purchased this for someone’s birthday last year when it was out in stores. They were a huge fan of Batman and hardly ever use any LUSH products and they loved it! SUCCESS!

This gets a safe 9/10 from me. It only loses a point because the scent doesn’t remain on your skin for that long. 

Vegan Friendly.

Pumpkin Bath Bomb (Halloween Exclusive)

October is such a beautiful time of year. The crisp and fresh air in the mornings, the pumpkin spiced lattes and other warming drinks, the warm heat from my coal fire and the spooky decorations everyone puts up for Halloween! Eeeek! It can’t possibly get any better than that right? Well think again because LUSH have given us an awesome selection of Halloween goodies to keep up this tradition. 


If I had to choose my favourite Halloween product, for its scent, this year (excluding Lord of Misrule because of everyone loves that) it would have to be the Pumpkin Bath Bomb. The bomb has an intricate design and is carved just like a pumpkin. The colour of it is just so enticing, with a bright orange and yellow colour scheme. 


The Autumn season reminds me of products that warm us up and this Pumpkin Bath Bomb does just that. It has that authentic cinnamon and nutmeg fragrance that the majority of us love. This is thanks to the warm and spicy scent of the pimento berry oil. I must say though that the vanilla absolute is the major player in this bomb. The sweet and rich scent of it at times takes over the spiciness. It reminds of a little bit of the pumpkin spiced latte that you get from Starbucks.

The pimento berry oil has warming properties not only on the body but on the mind too. It’s very useful to relieve tension and stress and can be great for muscle tension.

Pumpkin is quite a fast fizzer in the water and disappears quite quickly. The water changes to a vibrant orange just like a skin of a pumpkin. It doesn’t exactly put on a great show like other bath bombs do, but the scent you get from this makes up for it.


An obvious 8.8/10 again. Halloween has been a great success so far! Let’s hope the other products keep up the same standard.

Keep your googly eyes peeled for my next Halloween Exclusive post.

Monster’s Ball Bath Bomb (Halloween Exclusive)

Halloween is finally here. Well at LUSH anyway. LUSH’s Halloween products for 2016 came crashing onto the scene last Friday and everyone has gone completely mad – including myself. There are sparkles, vibrant colours, old favourites and new exclusives for everyone to get their teeth into.


I finally got around to using my first Halloween exclusive product yesterday; Monsters Ball bath bomb. It didn’t disappoint. Let’s just appreciate the design for a minute! I mean whoever came up with this design deserves a medal. It’s a cyclops, but such a cute cyclops! The bright pink body and little blue horns add to the fun and cuteness :). It also looks a little bit like Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc.

Some of you may already know that this cute little monster shares its’ scent with The Enchanter; a gorgeous citrus scent with a slight undertone of floral. The perfect blend of lime oil and neroli oils make this bath bomb an instant hit. The zesty lime oil cleanses and refreshes the skin, while neroli oil has a toning effect on your skin. The great thing about these 2 combined is that they offer a spooktastic boost to your mood! I must say it did just that to me. 

Monster B face.jpg

There’s also a nice splash of fair trade organic cocoa butter and olibanum oil, otherwise known as frankincense. I don’t know why but the word olibanum makes me giggle. It’s just a funny word! Anyway, these help tone and soften the skin further. After using Monsters Ball I can honestly say that my skin felt really soft and my mood became much more positive. I would also say that there’s not an overload of these oils, so your skin will not feel oily or greasy. 


Monsters Ball has some fab ingredients and also looks spectacular in the water. I would liken it to the Twilight bath bomb, only because of the pinky and blue combination. It splutters out pink and blue bubbly froth while the cocoa butter eye slowly melts and gives off a slight yellow tinge. Once all of the creamy goodness has dissolved, the bath bomb leaves your water a deep purple colour – just like Twilight, but without the shimmer from the lustre. 


This one is definitely one to stock up on if you love zesty bath bombs and are looking for softer skin. I know I’ll be getting some more when all the Christmas stuff arrives this weekend. My poor bank account!!

A firm favourite already for me, but I still have many more Halloween products to use. 10/10.

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